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Coaching in Germany

We are proud to have Bernd Kiesel on board to take care of all athletes wishing one-to-one coaching in Germany.  please have a look at his impressive Palmares.

Bernd has been coaching fellow athletes in Crosstriathlon, Ironman and MTB Racing over the past years. he will organize workshops all over Germany in the near future.

1 x IRONMAN World Championchips Hawaii World Championchips
3 x XTERRA World Championchips Hawaii World Championchips
3 x IRONMAN 70.3 World Championchips (USA, Austrlia)
2 x CROSSTRIATHLON World Championchips (Den Haag / Netherlands - Zittau/GER)
1 x DUATHLON World Championchips St. Wendel / Germany
1 x Timetrial Company World Championchips Germany
4 x ETU European Championchips CrossTriathlon
1 x Winner XTERRA European Tour (Agegroup)
1 x European Champion (Agegroup) XTERRA
1st German Championchips Duathlon Team (Overall)
2nd German Championchips XTERRA Titisee
3rd German Championchips Ironman-Relay (Overall)
3rd German Championchips XTERRA (Agegroup)
2 x 4th German Championchips XTERRA (Agegroup)
1st XTERRA Germany (Agegroup)
2nd IRONMAN 70.3 China (Agegroup) / 19th Overall
2nd XTERRA Czech Agegroup
3rd XTERRA Czech Agegroup
4th XTERRA Greece Agegroup
4th XTERRA Germany Agegroup
Ironman: Roth (3), Zürich (3), Lanzarote, Germany (2)
Hawaii, Canada (3), Florida, France
Ironman 70.3: Clearwater (2), St. Croix, China (2),
Australia, Wales, Monaco, St. Pölten (2), Rapperswill, Mallorca
XTERRA: Titisee, France, Zittau, Portugal, Hawaii, Greece, Austria, Netherlands,
Sardignia, Czech



Kiesel-Sports /
Kiesel GmbH
Kirchplatz 7
73773 Aichwald
+49 170 6211 899

Proud to be supported:

Rudy Project, Alphawoolf, HAERO Carbon, Schwalbe, Vpace, Padbone, Cogito, Erdinger-Alkoholfrei (Leisure Ware Ambassador), O-See-Challenge-Ambassador

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