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Swim Training Plans

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3 sessions a week 50 min.     12 weeks  100 €

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Swim Plan
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Swim  Workshops

In my workshops, i am using a TOTAL IMMERSION inspired technique while going for maximum efficiency, always adapted to your actual level... I will not teach you to swim slow but quick while totally enjoying it.




30 minutes     50 chf

45 minutes     60 chf

3 x 45 minutes 160 chf


2 people

30 minutes     30 chf / per pers.

45 minutes     40 chf / per pers.

3 x 45 minutes 200 chf


video on request, see example on Video tab




30 minutes     30 chf

45 minutes     45 chf


2 persons

30 minutes     25 chf / per pers.

45 minutes     40 chf / per pers.


Xterra Trainingsplan 8 or 12 weeks



This 8 or 12 week training plan is a challenging plan that assumes you have a serious commitment to racing and have the  goals to experience a first Xterra while enjoying it. Or even achieve an age group podium at a Championship level Xterra race.

To start this plan you must have at least one season of some serious training under your belt and be a confident swimmer and mountain biker.

During most weeks on the plan you will be swimming, cycling, running, core training and stretching. Swimming workouts are paced by time, running and cycling by heart rate  . Weekly training hours vary from a low of 7:45 on a recovery week to a high of 15 hours in week seven of the plan.

This plan is uploaded into your Training Peaks  Calendar. it is preferable that you have a Premium account; please compare here:






8 weeks 180 CHF

12 weeks 250 CHF

 This program is designed to help you achieve a personal best. Each week will consist of:

  • 3 swims

  • 3-4 bikes

  • 3-4 runs

  • 1-2 strength workouts

  • 7-12 hours/week

modifications possible by e-mail once a week.


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